Saving with YourB

As a member of a credit union, you will be putting away your savings along with other members of your community and you will encourage each other to put away as much or as little as you can afford. You can start to save with YourB as little as £10 a month, or you can choose to transfer a lump sum across from your current account from any UK bank.

We want to encourage everyone to get into the habit of saving.

Your savings can build up into a nice nest egg which you can use for planned activities like holidays or large purchases. You can use your savings as security for when you need an interest free loan. Savings or Loans can also help you get through sudden or unexpected events such as an illness, loss of a job, family events or emergencies.

You can access your savings when you need them. For member share balance or members share withdrawal, email [email protected] with your member number and withdrawal request or alternatively call 0161 286 8365.

You can you the link below to help you understand your saving goals.

Being Sharia-compliant, YourB members are reminded to consider their personal obligations to give Zakat. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam whereby every year, Muslims pay out 2.5% of their surplus wealth for poor, needy and disadvantaged groups specified in the channels for Zakat.  

Please let us know if you wish to pay your Zakat into the YourB Hardship Fund.

YourB Credit Union Ltd, Ansar House, 59 Kingsway, Manchester, M192LL | (0161) 2868365 | [email protected]

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