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You too can share our vision and join YourB for interest free savings and loans. From 2022, YourB expanded our range of savings and loans for all purposes, not just education.

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The idea for YourB started in January 2015 by Dr Muna Abdel Aziz, the founder of YourB. She wanted to create a future where students could take interest free loans.

So that students would avoid the possible huge burden of debt that they would carry for many years to come, caused by compound interest on the student loans available at that time. 

She shared  her vision with her friends and family, and in 2019  YourB submitted an application to the  Finance Conduct Authority  and the Prudential Regulatory Authority.  Her vision became a reality on 21st January 2020, when YourB Credit Union Ltd became the first Shariah compliant Credit Union in the UK.

You too can share Dr Muna’s  vision and join YourB for interest free savings and loans.

How to join YourB 

Your journey starts by being part of a Common Bond. Every Credit Union has a Common Bond, which is basically a means by which each member has something in common with one another. Because of the way Credit Unions are run; democratically, owned by their members, it is important to make sure member fall within that common bond.

Organisations can become Common Bond members, which then gives their attendees or members the opportunity to join YourB and start their interest free savings and interest free loans journey.

To become a member of YourB, you must be an existing member of an organisation which is a common bond of YourB.  Both Adults and Juveniles (under 16 years old) can join YourB. All members pay a £10 joining fee and a £10 annual membership fee (Juvenile accounts incur no fees).

YourB is run by the members, for the members entirely by volunteers. We  welcome volunteers to YourB who are encouraged to donate their time or skills  

Or you can become a Friend of  YourB to join our  fundraising team  who raise funds to cover the running costs and help spread the word about YourB . Every donation whether large or small, regular or adhoc, is used to support our members. 

YourB welcomes guarantors who can sponsor some of our student members who require a loan, so they can fulfil their career ambitions. 

If you would like discover more about YourB, and what we can offer you, please contact us. We are a friendly team waiting for your call 

Contact us to find out if YourB is for you.

YourB: Interest free savings and loans for those who want a different way to save and spend.

YourB Credit Union Ltd, Ansar House, 59 Kingsway, Manchester, M192LL | (0161) 2868365 | [email protected]

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