Common Bond of YourB

Each credit union has a common bond which defines eligibility of members to join

Every Credit Union has a Common Bond, which is basically a means by which each member has something in common with one another. Because of the way Credit Unions are run; democratically, owned by their members, it is important to make sure member fall within that common bond.

individual members

YourB is offered to individuals who are employees or members of the following organisations:

  • Ansar Finance,
  • UK Islamic Mission
  • Inspire Tech Ltd,
  • Al Manar Arabic School
  • Nile Language School
  • Youth-Shine UK
  • Muslim Scouts UK
  • Croydon Federation of Mosques
  • 11th Sale (Central) Scouts group
  • Milton Keynes Muslim Association
  • London Muslim Support Network
  • Al Manar Arabic School
  • Attendees at the following places of worship;
    • British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester
    • Manchester Islamic Centre and Didsbury Mosque, Manchester
    • Muslim Youth Foundation, Manchester
    • Khizra Mosque, Manchester
    • UK Islamic Mission UK branches
    • Croydon Federation of Mosques branches
    • Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre, Croydon
    • Milton Keynes Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes
    • AlRawdha Mosque, Milton Keynes
    • Zakariyya Masjid, Bolton
    • Eccles Mosque, Salford
    • Cheadle Mosque, Manchester
    • Altrincham Islamic Centre, Trafford
    • Al Rahma Masjid, Liverpool
    • Wirral Deen Centre, Wirral
    • Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, Wirral
    • Wrexham Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, Wrexham
    • Shah Jalal Masjid, Chester
    • Ellesmere Port Masjid and Islamic Cultural Centre, Ellesmere Port
    • Warrington Islamic Centre, Warrington

    Other organisations and places of worship, family members and associated members can apply to join YourB. If your organisation is not listed on the website or you are not sure, please contact us. We can discuss with you how you can start to save with YourB by inviting your organisation to join YourB.

    Note: A member of the listed organisations is defined as an individual who has provided their details to enrol into the organisation and their names are held by the organisation on a register or database of members. An individual application for membership of YourB will require a supporting statement from the organisation to this effect.

    corporate members

    A corporate body, an individual in his/her capacity as a partner in a partnership, an individual in his/her capacity as an officer or a member of the governing body of an unincorporated association, if the body corporate, partnership or unincorporated association:

    • is the above employer or bona fide organisation
    • is a member of one of the above bona fide organisations
    • provides services to the above employer or bona fide organisation
    • is related to the above employer or bona fide organisation by being part of the same group
    • is associated with other individuals and corporates in the way set out above
    family member

    An individual who is a member of the same household as, and is a relative of, an individual who is a member of the credit union and falls directly within the common bond specified above.

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